Kubota Tractor Light Meanings

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Kubota Tractor Light Meanings. Glow plugs being used not sure it has glow plugs. Auto mode Automatic speed change lit.

Kubota Warning Light Symbols
Kubota Warning Light Symbols from tonteraslight.blogspot.com

Got a rare siting I have never seen before. The only thing I can see on my owners manual that is anything like what your describing is. Dual traction four wheel drive power steering.

When this light comes on it means that the engine temperature is below the overheating threshold but it is high enough that the emissions components on the machine are not working to their full efficiency.

I was out bush hogging today for a few hours in some very tall and thick grass stopping about every30- 45 min. It is now at PM warning level 4 with constant engine light. 2006 Maxima Owner S Manual. Does anyone have more information on what the EM dash light means for an L3901.