Krejcie And Morgan Sampling Table

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Krejcie And Morgan Sampling Table. As for example if the population have 2800 person by referring to the table researcher just need to get a feedback from 338 person. Personal protective equipment and the krejcie and morgan sample table of this is the satisfaction.

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Data gathered from a sample of 600 students extracted from krejcie and morgans table 1970. To address the existing gap Krejcie Morgan 1970 came up with a table for determining sample size for a given population for easy reference. DETERMINING SAMPLE SIZE FOR RESEARCH ACTIVITIES ROBERT V.

KONSEP KREJCIE DAN MORGAN Bentuk Tabel Krejcie-Morgan sangat sederhana mudah digunakan sebab secara fungsional hanya terdiri dari dua kolom penting yaitu kolom untuk ukuran populasi N dan kolom untuk ukuran sampel n.

Table for Determining Sample Size for a Finite Population. The article by Krejcie and Morgan13 Figure D5 is also a very handy way to determine sample size. Table 1 is applicable to any defined population. One of the most used method is the Krejcie and Morgan Sampling Method.